Why do Celebrities Do it?

Why do the Rich do it?

Relationship Agreements show you care.

You don’t have to be rich for a Relationship Agreement.

If you listen to the press the average cost of a wedding can quite easily be £25-35 k or more.

We all want to be loved and live happily ever after. Whether you are married or in a relationship show your love and commitment by committing to a Relationship Agreement.

“Mum and Dad have worked hard all their lives and they want to know that I and my future children will be secure.”

A Relationship Agreement is one of most sensible things that anybody can do.

A Relationship Agreement helps lay the foundations for a strong and secure future.   

A Relationship Agreement can never override statutory provisions however the Courts will have careful regards to such Agreements.


We all have busy and hectic lives. Why leave the future to chance and the apprehension of uncertainty?

We all want to be loved and live happily ever after .Sadly this does not always happen. Why then would you wish to play the lottery of uncertainty should that relationship not succeed?

A Relationship Agreement can help you recognise & secure you and your partner’s assets Property and other financial resources which the party now has and is likely to have in the foreseeable future. You can then look to build a future together creating your own joint assets.

Whether it is the family savings & assets, the family business or family corner shop the prospects of having to break up sell that to reach a settlement would be devastating.

“There is no way I could have got onto the property ladder without my Mum and Dad stepping in to help me buy my home from their hard earned savings. It just does not bear thinking about if that was lost if my marriage did not work out as I had hoped.”

The loss of a family heirloom can be devastating. “I still can’t look Mum and Dad in the eye. I can’t believe that I did not stop and think what would happen if our relationship did not work out. “


Second Marriage following a Divorce or death of your Partner.

I love my children. I want to try to ensure that my children from my first marriage are provided for.

Think how much simpler it would be to have a Relationship Agreement with a supporting will.

The children and step children would have certainty of knowledge that provision has been made for them.

Think of the certainty this would bring to you and your new partner. 


Sons and Daughters getting married?


It hardly comes as a surprise that one in three marriages breaks down by the 15th wedding anniversary.

What is going to happen if you transfer family assets to your son and daughter?

What will happen should you pass away and the family assets pass to your son & daughter?

If the marriage fails and you can’t reach a settlement, it’s up to the divorce courts to divide up the assets.

The alternative is to have a relationship agreement setting out how your assets will be dealt with.

Think you are going to be a party pooper by raising a Relationship Agreement with your Son or Daughter?

Think again, a large proportion of youngsters think such Agreements are a good idea.

It is another matter, however, for them to provide the finance to set up such Agreements. Well we all know that is where the bank of Mum and Dad can step in.

Whilst you can never stop worrying about your sons or Daughters well-being at least you can start reducing the sleepless nights knowing that there is a Relationship Agreement in place.

What next?

Provided both parties have been honest about their finances and assets it is likely that a Court would enforce a properly prepared agreement.

In our view both parties need to take separate independent legal advice.

In general each party is probably looking in the region of  Legal fees starting from £1,000.00- £1200.00 plus vat (based on attendances, preparations and negotiations not exceeding 5/6 hours) for a straight forward relationship Agreement to be drawn up.

However everybody is different some peoples finances are complicated, special provisions have to be drawn and therefore it may be a Relationship Agreement will cost more than the above figure.

“My partner cannot afford to pay such money?”  Well there is nothing stopping a party paying the other parties fees for obtaining independent legal advice.



You don’t have to be a Celebrity or wealthy to have a Relationship Agreement.

By having a Relationship Agreement you can seek to provide certainty security and seek to avoid crippling costs.

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