‘Every adult has the right to manage his or her own money and affairs’

Sentiments which we would all echo.

However, there are occasions when there will be the need to grant to others the legal authority to act for you in not only your financial affairs but also your personal affairs.

Our specialised department can help you to seek to realise your wishes on how your affairs are to be managed in the future.

Whether such occasions arise from absence abroad or from day to day living, illness, disability, accident or simply the fact as we grow older the responsibilities of life are more burdensome there are options which you can consider.

An Ordinary Power of Attorney

This is a legal way of giving someone else the power to manage your financial affairs when it is difficult for you to manage them yourself, for example, perhaps because of a physical disability.

However, the power of attorney will come to an end if you become mentally incapable of managing your affairs.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney goes one stage further than an ordinary power of attorney, because it carries on or ‘lasts’, even after you have become unable to manage your Property and Affairs.

For a lasting power of attorney to be valid there are many issues to satisfy. Our caring and dedicated lawyers are here to guide you through the maze of issues in a clear and understanding way.

Personal and Welfare Decisions

A separate lasting power of attorney can be made to give your attorney the right to make personal welfare and medical treatment decisions on your behalf if at some time in the future you are unable to make those decisions yourself.

Consult our lawyers to help you in dealing with your personal and welfare decisions in a caring professional manner.

Time is a master to no one

Where there is not enough time to take these precautionary steps, or if a person is already ‘incapacitated’ (unable to handle their own financial affairs), it is usually the relatives of the person who need advice. In these circumstances there are number of options available. One of these options is to contact the Court of Protection, which can make arrangements for managing the person’s financial affairs.

Let our dedicated lawyers help in guiding you through these intricacies.