Care Act 2014 & Top Up Fees: Assessment of Needs


The provision of care for those in need may often feel to be complex and bewildering not only for the person involved but also their family.

The implementation of the Care Act 2014 has brought in great changes which have impacted on such matters.

The Care Act 2014 makes clear that both adults and carers should be assessed on the appearance of need and regardless of what the local authority thinks is the level of their need and regardless of their financial resources.

If you have concerns that a person’s needs are not being adequately addressed then you may wish to take our professional advice.

Equally you may be concerned by the demands to pay Top Up payments and whether it is right in the circumstances to seek such payments from the individual. Again   you may wish to take our professional advice on this issue.

If you would like assistance is such matters then contact our office by email or by phone on 01253 620022.